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Dispatches from Designers Around the Globe

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Dispatches from Designers Around the Globe March 25, 2020 By Olena Kysla The world has changed—unarguably and perhaps irrevocably—over the past few weeks as COVID-19 has spread, shutting down travel, borders, and communal gatherings across the globe. At the same time, we are reorienting our attention to the large-scale effects of microscopic infections in

21 Smart Ways to Keep Your Living Room Clean, Forever

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21 Smart Ways to Keep Your Living Room Clean, Forever The kitchen is often called the heart of the home, but the living room tends to be the place where we do our relaxing and connecting. That’s hard to do, though, when you’re surrounded by things that are out of place and screaming at

10 top designers share their decorating secrets

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Experts share the design rules they live by With years of projects under their belts, top designers have amassed a wealth of tips and tricks to make the spaces they create beautiful and livable. So we asked some of these talents to share their expertise and their go-to sources for everything from the perfect

Five ways to revamp your home in 2019

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Western Furniture shares the best 2019 interior design tips to elevate your home aesthetic BY Olena Kysla Looking for ideas on how to dress up your home this year? UAE-based Western Furniture has given some tips on how to give your home an extra edge, without having to do a full revamp or break the

How Design Inspires Creativity in the Workplace

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We’re all born with varying degrees of creativity. Enlightened by the digital revolution and the subsequent development of mobile technologies, employers prize creativity because it directly correlates to increased ideation and innovation. Companies that want to be competitive and innovative in today’s market are turning to workplace design as a solution to boost creativity.

How Interior Design Affects Your Creativity And Behavior

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The interior design may say a lot about a person, especially their background and behavior; many people carry out the traditional motives and cultural heritage through the way they design their home. Interior design has to do with everything that’s visually appealing while being effective and practical. The process itself works through a system