Life after coronavirus: how will the pandemic affect our homes?

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As people around the world face the realities of self isolation, Ukrainian architect Sergey Makhno predicts how our homes will change once the coronavirus pandemic is over. Life after the Covid-19 outbreak will never be the same as before. We are at the beginning of the end, waiting for a new beginning. Planet Earth will break its cooperation

Five Ways COVID-19 Is Changing The Future Of Interior Design

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Five Ways COVID-19 Is Changing The Future Of Interior Design   I think old houses, and the people who love them, are fascinating. As we isolate in our homes, we become increasingly aware of how our interior spaces affect our moods, our ability to work and our physical comfort. Interior designer Mohanad Almeshal, one

10 top designers share their decorating secrets

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Experts share the design rules they live by With years of projects under their belts, top designers have amassed a wealth of tips and tricks to make the spaces they create beautiful and livable. So we asked some of these talents to share their expertise and their go-to sources for everything from the perfect

How Interior Design Affects Your Creativity And Behavior

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The interior design may say a lot about a person, especially their background and behavior; many people carry out the traditional motives and cultural heritage through the way they design their home. Interior design has to do with everything that’s visually appealing while being effective and practical. The process itself works through a system

5 Tips for Designing Office Layout

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When it comes to designing office layout, several things must be considered, from furniture to desk arrangements to lighting to ... well, the list goes on and on. It can definitely be overwhelming and exciting in many ways, so here are five important aspects that you should consider in your realm of planning an office

W Hotels arrives on The Palm, Dubai

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W Hotels arrives on The Palm, Dubai 07.02.2019 Hamish Kilburn The 350-key W Dubai – The Palm opens, complete with disruptive interiors, to design its own narrative and lead the ever-changing hospitality scene in the Middle East forward…  “The desert just got hotter,” is how W Hotels Worldwide, part of Marriott International Inc., announced the opening of W

Ask Yourself These 5 Things Before Buying New Office Furniture

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A Furniture-Buying Guide for Facilities Managers Buying new furniture for the office can be a simple process, if you don't think about things like comfort, ergonomics and long-term value. Going for what's cheap and easy to buy in bulk can remove the headache of researching, talking to different vendors and planning. But if you

Interior Design and the ADA

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Our story begins in Saudi Arabia in the 1950s.  Josephine, a California girl with two babies and another on the way, contracted polio only two years after moving the family to Dhahran on a grand adventure set into motion by her husband’s job in the refinery business. The disease would take her unborn child