Smart Home Gifts Anyone Would Love

If there’s any indication that smart home gadgets are here to stay, it’s the slew of new products hitting the market every year. Where there was once only talk of Alexa and Nest, now the buzz is also about Google Home, Apple Home Kit, Ring, Ecobee, Wink, etc. With such a wide variety of very similar products,

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Escape to Polynesia without leaving Dubai with this characterful family-friendly retreat

Lapita at Dubai Parks and Resorts is a Polynesian-style staycation with captivating tribal design and a relaxed ambience The voluminous lobby is made cosy with dark woods, basalt stonework and tribal accents on every surface, illustrating design depth and cultural dimension. Set within the sensational surrounds of Dubai’s latest world-class attraction, Dubai Parks and

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The three key ways to organise your home

These days our homes are required to be more multifunctional, so it's important to maximise on space. New innovative designs and interior trends offer practical and stylish storage solutions... Making space When looking to create storage space it's imperative to do so without impeding the room's most important functions. For example, while open-concept kitchens

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Six steps to the perfect bedroom

Turn your sleep space into a cosy haven with these inspiring updates Woven in time Natural textures continue to play a key role in interior design trends including décor ideas for bedrooms. Lightweight and durable, furniture made from rattan and wicker can be long-lasting – essential for a bed – and can be found in a variety

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Home is where the decor is to your taste

The UAE's interior and fit-out market is set to witness a steady growth in the coming years, driven by new and renovation projects across the residential sector and hospitality, experts said. "There are multiple factors driving growth in the interiors and fit-out sector in the UAE," said Amit Yadav, head of Marketing at 2XL

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10 SEO Tips for Interior Designers

10 SEO Tips for Interior Designers Search engine optimization for interior decorators is challenging, particularly in larger markets where there can be hundreds of businesses vying to appear on Google’s first page and in the “7-pack” of business listings. Designers often have limited time for online marketing, working seemingly around the clock to design

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21 Smart Ways to Keep Your Living Room Clean, Forever

21 Smart Ways to Keep Your Living Room Clean, Forever The kitchen is often called the heart of the home, but the living room tends to be the place where we do our relaxing and connecting. That’s hard to do, though, when you’re surrounded by things that are out of place and screaming at

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6 Office Design Techniques That Can Boost Business Productivity

By: Shane Curran, CEO - Interact Group More and more companies are paying attention to the productivity of their employees. Some are doing everything to make sure that they’re getting the best performance out of their staff at all times. Some turn to apps, routines, and time management techniques for answers on how to

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These 5 Interior Design Trends Will Reign Supreme

Simple yet sophisticated, these new directions can help your space evolve. We’re never ones to shy away from minimalist, modern spaces, but we’re ready to live it up a little bit more in 2019. We’re anticipating a year that luxuriates on the sophisticated side of modern, complete with plush fabrics, dashes of deep colors,

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